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SimpleHindi.com introduces Online Hindi Certificate Courses. Simple yet comprehensive material for learners from Malaysia, Singapore & South East Asia.

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Hindi Kahāwat 
Āp bhālā toh jag bhālā
(If you are noble, you’ll find the world to be noble)

Samay kisī keliye ruktā nahī.
Time and tide wait for none.

Āvashyaktā āvishkār kī jananī hai.
Necessity is the mother of invention.

Jaisā desh, vaisā bhesh.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Hāthī chale bazār, kutte bhonke hazār
Whatever a well known person does becomes a matter of interest to others.

Akelā chanā bhā nahi pho saktā
A single person cannot achieve great tasks without help. This proverb explains the benefits of teamwork.

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Simple & dependable way to master bolchal(conversational) Hindi online for beginners and to those who already know some Hindi. Join us and be conversant in Hindi!

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Join our Online Hindi Courses and explore the possibility of being                                    conversant in Hindi in                                    simple dependable way.

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We understand your passion for Hindi. Our merchandise section                                    offers custom-made                                    collectables, gift items,                                    novelties, greeting cards                                    all with a hint of Hindi!

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